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My Day at the Harford Community College Future Summit

On November 9 I had the privilege of attending Harford Community College’s Future Summit at the APGFCU Arena. The Summit—a meeting of legislators, educators, entrepreneurs, and other leaders from Harford County and across Maryland—was an opportunity for the larger community to provide guidance on the future direction of the College.

HCC’s stated goal is “to become the College of the Future, an innovative institution prepared to meet the ever-evolving needs of its students, its staff, and the larger community.” The Summit was intended as a way for business and industry, state and local government, K-12 leaders, nonprofit organizations, and students to help HCC develop a plan to ensure the relevance, quality and accessibility of a Harford Community College education well into the 21st century.

The day began with a series of “EdTalks” designed to identify key issues facing the region and society, and to highlight future trends that will affect us all. After the EdTalks, I participated with other attendees in small-group discussions and we developed impact statements that will serve as a foundational component of the College’s strategic plan. My group’s theme was “Disruption in Higher Education.” Our group discussed the likelihood of credentialing programs being offered by HCC and the importance of those programs having credibility to local employers. We emphasized the need to build awareness and coordination with local employers to ensure that the credential programs have real value.

There were three other groups working on impact statements at the Summit. Their topics were “Future Workforce Demands in our Region”, “Readying Them for Learning: Streamlining the Student Experience”, and “Maintaining a Personal Touch in a High-Tech Learning Environment”.  These impact statements will inform the College’s mission, vision, and strategies. Recurring themes throughout the Summit were Harford County’s aging population, the need to adapt to students learning styles, and the importance of partnering with local businesses. I look forward to returning in the spring to review HCC’s draft mission, vision and strategies. If you have any ideas or input you would like me to share with HCC’s leadership, please let me know!

Adrian Albidress, Jr. CPA